INNOVA 69 Plate Mounting Tape

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Product Specifications: 

    • Type: Flexo Plate Mounting Tape
    • Paper core: 76 mm (3 inch)
    • Thickness: 0,55 mm (20 mil)
    • Foam hardness: Soft
    • Adhesion to plate: Standard
    • Adhesion to sleeve: Standard  
    • Dimensions of Small Roll ( W / L ): 457 mm x 8 m
    • Dimensions of Regular Roll ( W / L ): 457 mm x 25m
    • Dimensions of Log Roll ( W / L ): 1370 mm x 25 m 
    • Box Size of Regular Roll ( L / W / H ):  50 x 19 x 19 (in cm) 
    • Box Size of Log Roll ( L / W / H ):  140 x 24 x 24 (in cm) 

    • Net Weight of Small Roll: 1.5 kg
    • Gross Weight of Small Roll: 2.0 kg
    • Net Weight of Regular Roll: 4.0 Kg

    • Gross Weight of Regular Roll: 4.5 Kg

    • Net Weight of Log Roll : 12 Kg

    • Gross Weight of Log Roll: 13 Kg

  • 5 levels of foam hardness available
This product hardness on the scale: 


Product Description

INNOVA 69 Plate Mounting Tape

The INNOVA 69 Flexographic Plate Mounting Tape is a standard adhesive and soft version for wide web flexible packaging printing ensuring ideal printing results even for complex and long print runs. This Plate Mounting Tape has a thickness of 0.55mm.

The small roll size of 8 m length is a sample roll. You can buy this when ordering first time to try our products.

The full log roll of gives the customer the option to cut into any required size. We can do this for you on request with no extra cost.

Adhesion properties for INNOVA 69

For printing cylinders with repeat lengths over 600mm, INNOVA 69 is the right choice because it will hold the plates down and enables easy plate and tape removal at the same time. Especially, If you are using a thin printing plate-like 1.14mm. That means for thicker plates and smaller sleeves the INNOVA 69H version is safer to use.

Printing properties for INNOVA 69

The choice of the appropriate hardness depends primarily on the ink coverage of the printing plate. Fine lines and ink coverage up to 20% require a soft Plate Mounting Tape like INNOVA 69. But solid areas with 100% ink coverage require a hard tape like INNOVA 73. If you are uncertain, it can be helpful to try one level harder with our INNOVA 70, which gives it a perfect print performance at 20-60% ink coverage. The majority of press runs get ideal results with one of the three medium adhesive tapes. That is why most customers use INNOVA 70, 71 and 72. However, we also recommend taking a look at the printing plate type. Hard printing plates may require softer tape. Other factors are the substrate and ink viscosity. On uncoated paper, soft tapes will provide the best results. But with PE-film, it is safer to go with medium hardness. Because Flexo Printing has few standards, we recommend a fingerprint test. The fingerprint test is the most scientific way to get to the right combination. INNOVA engineers will be happy to advise you on the right product for the process.

General Recommendations for INNOVA 69 Mounting Tape

Processing our tapes is very simple, but it always works best on cleaned surfaces. For safe use without lifting the plate edges, try using masking tape on the plate edges. Download our "How to use" guide here.

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