Plate Mounting Tapes for Wide Web and Label Printing

0.55 and 0.38 mm Collection of flexo Plate Mounting Tape

The 0.55mm and 0.38mm INNOVA Flexo Plate Mounting Tape range is the ideal choice for wide web and label printing. They ensure good printing results even for difficult and long print runs. The INNOVA 69-73 wide web range is available in 0.55mm thickness. It comes in five different foam hardness’s and two adhesion levels. As a result, this enables the mounting operators to choose the most suitable version based on their print design and process parameters. The INNOVA 40-41 range is available in 0.38mm.

We offer Small Sample rolls for all Plate Mounting products. If you want to test our plate mounting products first, you can order the smallest size. Just select the smallest length in the size selection option.