Making sure your Plate Mounting tape works.

This is our General Guide to make sure your Plate Mounting Tape Works to achieve best results.

#1 Cleaning

Cleaning plates and sleeves is part of your daily routine? – Perfect!

Just make sure you let the cleaning liquid dry out for 5 Minutes before you mount anything. Or even better – clean the sleeves right after demounting. That way solvents have a chance to evaporate from all those tiny scratches.

Read more about: Methods and apparatus for cleaning flexographic printing plates.

#2 Pressure

You got a good feeling for mounting? – Great!

Adhesive nerds always say “no pressure no bonding”. The harder and consistent you press the tape on the sleeve, the less chance it will have from detaching during press run or lifting off the sleeve when you try to re-use the tape.

Automatic pressure rollers can do the job for you – otherwise simple rubber blades are a good option.

Learn more about: Pressure adjustment in a flexographic printing press and flexographic press for the implementation.

#3 Time 

Trying out another mounting tape sounds like trouble?

When it comes to the performance of our plate mounting tapes we focus clearly on the print result and easy handling.

Making sure it prints well is one thing, but getting used to different bonding characteristics, smell or even the new feel to it – is another. We want mounting teams to be happy using our tape. So we listen.

So far we haven’t seen a plate mounting tape being so easy to use that it did not come with technical instructions. But as soon as those instructions become standard process, it works.

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